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Hi ya'll! My name is David and I have always had a creative side at heart. I picked up my hobby in videography in college (Go Gators!) after I bought my first used camera from a friend and started making vlogs with friends around town and on road-trips. Then I felt a calling to sign up for a videographer position with my campus ministry's communications ministry where I began creating fun highlight videos and retreat videos. I was then asked to shoot a friend's wedding from that same Catholic ministry and that is where the wedding journey began! I have been creating wedding films since 2017 and I love every single one I get to be a part of. As a videographer I get to be present at all the special moments the invitee's do not! Plus I get to attend mass and be a part of such a beautiful sacrament, what a gift! As a Catholic Wedding Videographer, my goal is to use my talent to showcase the raw emotion behind each couple's wedding day in a way that brings out Christ's love and the beauty of the sacrament (the vows, the Consecration, the mass, homily, etc.).


With my experience and the positive feedback I’ve received from past work, I’m confident that I’ll do an excellent job covering your wedding.  No matter the size of the project, I always focus on top quality and efficiency. My goal is to be as responsive and transparent as possible, which leaves one less worry for your special day! I love working with people and interacting with my couple's before the wedding day. Contact me to find out what I can do for you! 

In Christ,

David Barreto

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